Black border problem using HMDI overscan / underscan with AMD card

If you are using an AMD (ATI) graphics card and getting a black border or zoomed out effect when connected to your monitor using HDMI, you need to adjust the overscan setting in catalyst control panel. Further more you need to do this for every different refresh rate and resolution to fix the problem in 3d modeslike running games fullscreen.
Open Catalyst, drop down graphics and select ‘Desktop & Displays’. Then right click on the small screen at the bottom and click configure. Enable GPU scaling, then click on the ‘Scaling Options’ tab and set underscan to 0%. Click apply. Don’t close the window.
Now right click on the windows desktop. Select screen resolution and advanced settings. Select monitor and change the refresh rate to all the different rates. For each one, apply, then go back into catalyst and set the underscan setting to 0% again. Repeat for all desired combinations of resolution and refresh rate.
Now the borders should have gone.

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