ASUS EeePad Transformer Handbrake settings

These settings are ideal for use with Handbrake to encode files to play well on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Thanks to EPChris over on transformer forums for the profile.

Start with the Regular/Normal Preset
Container: MP4 File
On the Video tab, choose:
Video Codec: H.264
Constant Quality: RF 24 (Lower number is better quality but higher file size, I wouldn’t suggest going lower than 20 in this case)
On the audio tab change the Mixdown to “Stereo”, bitrate 160
On the Advanced Tab:
Maximum B-Frames: 0
Uncheck “CABAC Entropy Coding”
Uncheck “8×8 Transform”
Uncheck “Weighted P-Frames”
After those changes, you can save these by clicking on Presets -> Save Preset and name it something like “Transformer”. These settings work for the Xoom as well.

Just FYI:

A 6-min 720p video with RF 24 was about 92Mb for me and wasn’t bad visually at all, definitely watchable
a 6-min 720p video with RF 22 was about 150Mb for me and was very nice to look at

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